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Monday, 15 October 2012

The Vintage Road Racer

Retro Bike
Retro Bike

How annoying is that? Going to work by bike and back home,
by bus.
Lately my city commuter was stolen just in front of my working place.

Anyway one thing was for sure, I need a new bicycle.
My coworker offered me his old Boschetti road bike, from the 80's,
which immediately turned into my new project.....:
"The Vintage Racer"

Boschetti road bike
Boschetti Road Bike

I started to disassemble the entire bicycle, checked all the parts
and decided which I keep using. As well I wanted a new paint.
The frame had to be prepared with sanding and cleaning.

Bike frame
Boschetti Frame

My workshop/cellar now also turned into a small (very)
spray booth.
I chose a metallic silver for the frame.

Bike frame
Spray painted frame

With the newly ordered parts arriving, the reassembling was
about to begin. The idea was to combine the silver frame with
brown leather that gives the racer a vintage look.

fixie singlespeed
Vintage Racer

As you can see in the picture above,
I replaced the drop bar with a flat bar.
I like the look of a fixie or single speed,
in this case the difference is that i kept all
the gears. As well I preferred to keep the
entire Shimano 600 system inclusive the
bar end shifters which were transferred to
the flat bar and now required adapters
to get them work.

Flat Bar Road Bike
Flat Bar

It finally looks fine for me and a stolen bike turned into
an opportunity.

Retro Bike
Retro Bike