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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Urban Bicycle

Retro Bike
Retro Bike

My wife loves old bicycles same as I do. So we started to look
and tried to find a used vintage bike to pimp.
A friend finally found his sister's bike, from the early seventies,
in his dad's shed.

old bike
Old Bike

I decided to disassemble every single part and rebuild it with
a totally new urban style look. Since it was the wish of my wife,
I used a matt baby blue for the frame and the mud guards.

baby blue frame
Baby blue bicycle frame


Retro Bike
Retro Bike

Most of the parts were replaced with nicer
and more functional accessories. At least
my love was delighted when she saw it
and I think it is a cool
urban cruiser

Retro Bike
Retro Bike